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Occupy Movement Faces Growing Pains

Here’s James Miller at the New York Times with a well-written article on the challenges facing the Occupy movement.

With the violence unfolding in Oakland and elsewhere, it’s imperative that people involved with these protests articulate a clear message that steers this movement away from violence, nihilism, and anarchy.

In Denver, protestors have expressed outrage toward the mayor and governor for not providing warmth and shelter during a storm. This sort of absurd diffusion of personal responsibility undermines the real inequalities, corruption, and systemic failure that the Occupy movement is intended to address. If this is truly intended to be a movement of the 99% – a dubious claim, as Mr. Miller points out – a more enlightened view of the supposedly better future needs to be imagined. And soon.

the Rebbe Getzel Davis, a bit of poetry, Nina Simone

All that glitters ain’t gold
All that’s holy don’t glitter
In the end we make blessings
with the rubble and the litter

At the Kol Nidre Services at Occupy Wall Street, my friend Getzel Davis offered this amazing dvar:

Check it out!

say oo-ooh child things are gonna get easier
oo-ooh child things will get brighter
someday we’ll get it together and we’ll get it undone
someday when the world is much brighter
someday we’ll walk together in a beautiful sun
someday when the world is much lighter
– right now, right now, right now 
– originally sung by The Five Stairsteps